ArchitectsPlanet.Tv broadcasts exclusively videos, the copyright of which permits their free, public reproduction and broadcasting by means of the open source/free code “embed“, which the creator chooses to distribute. No video without the “embed” open source distribution shall be transmitted by ArchitectsPlanet.Tv, which fully respects each creator’s rights.

ArchitectsPlanet.Tv bears no responsibility for the videos and their content which are reproduced by services such a s YouTube, Vimeo,etc since they ar provided freely and free of charge by means of the “embed” open source and websites broadcast and distribute them.

ArchitectsPlanet.Tv operates exclusively as collector of “embed”-type open sources and it does not control or host any tv productions whatsoever on its servers, only its own or those accompanied by written permission by their creator.

Exclusive control and exclusive responsibility for every video as well as responsibility for its free or payable distribution is held solely and exclusively by the user who has uploaded it and who permits its free distribution by means of the  “embed”open source  as well as the webisite(s) hosting it on its servers.

The videos broadcast on ArchitectsPlanet.Tv only use the embed open source.Consequently, if the channels which uploaded them or the websites-providers which host them stop distributing the embed open source, the videos in question shall stop being reproduced by ArchitectsPlanet.Tv

For any videos which do not comply with the terms concerning copyrights and are hosted illegally on servers such as YouTube, Vimeo etc, please contact them directly for any additional information or clarification. ArchitectsPlanet.Tv is on no way involved with  or related to these videos apart from the use of the “embed” source, which the websites provide freely.

ArchitectsPlanet.Tv bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content of the videos it reproduces and the correctness or not of the views expressed and the information provided in these. Please contact the distributor of the videos directly in case you require further information and/or clarification.



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