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We are looking for contributors for the production, creation and presentation of television shows, to be broadcasted through ArchitectsPlanet.Tv. In this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us in case you are looking for reliable support in filming or otherwise recording your work or any project and then broadcast it through our online television platform. We are also pleased to inform you that our audiovisual equipment is readily available for the filming of events related to architecture and related engineering professions, including the option of a concurrent live quality broadcast.

More specifically, an indicative list of the event types supported for on-site recording and live broadcast, where applicable, includes:

Live architectural TV shows (Just plug-in and make your live show)
Interviews from architects and professionals from related disciplines
Lectures (organizations can be connected free in AP and broadcast in their events real time . Request)
Reportages and news stories (i.e exhibitions, mini interviews, etc)
Documentary films
YouTube or other web video links (just send as a link to be included in our databases and online catalogs)
Project Presentation

We pay for first-aired videos: For financial terms and conditions, please contact us

* All H.D. cams or smartphones are accepted
* The videos must be produced in 16:9 – mpg2 format (or other pro codes). Alternatively, we can complete the video – editing montage and the final cut version.
* It is necessary to use a microphone (For a cheap solution you may opt for the AUDIO TECHNICA ATR-3350. For 2 microphones you will need this or similar)
* Beginners must use tripod and stable shots (which is a smart way to avoid mistakes). Proposed black background
* Videos made with professional camcorders enjoy better payment terms and conditions.
* For indoor productions, proper lighting is necessary (click here for a cheap solution)
Just a camcorder* or smartphone is enough for TV productions …


1. Three point video lighting tutorial.

2. Video Camera Basics – Microphones, Zoom, and Focus

3. How to Make iPhone Videos That Look Professional Smartphone Vide

4.How to Shoot Video with iPhone & iPad Video Production

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