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ArchitectsPlanet.Tv  began its operation in 2013, constituting the first online television & video archives platform for topics relating to architecture and construction, architectural design and implementation, as well as related matters of interest to the technical world in general. It provides a continuous 24-hour web-based live stream program and at the same time supports on-demand video streaming of its entire video archives.

In addition, ArchitectsPlanet.Tv provides (real time) live television transmissions of speeches, meetings and other events concerning the world of modern building engineering. As a result, ArchitectsPlanet is in a process of continuous development with regards to both the content of its broadcasted program, as well as the technological advancement of its overall infrastructure. The television materials produced are stored and filed in a professional storage and playback format (AVI, DV, HD), in order for the airings to constitute a chronological showcase of architecture topics to which, future generations of both architects and the interested publics will have easy access and will be able to grasp a good taste of the past history of architecture as well as the one in the making.

– We are looking for contributors for production and presentation of television shows Details >>>

Universities and architectural organizations can be connected with architectsplanet.TV and broadcast their event in real time for free. Call us for technical instructions.


ArchitectsPlanet Team

Vassilis Mistriotis: Architect – Co Founder, Editor in Chief


Athens: 1 Davaki Pindou St. Zografou (15733) – Tell: 0030 2103636631 & 0030 6944333447

Main  Editor: Manolis Oikonomou

Publication advisor: Manolis Anastasakis

Editorial Assistants: Nick Jonson, William Gibson

Marketing & Advertisement: C. Papadopoulos

Operaters: Dinos Grigoriou, Manos Athanasiou. Katia Terzaki

Montage: Peter Armstrong, Nikos Drakakis

Thessaloniki: correspondent Alexios Vandoros, architect

Website Contributors in Greece:

GrA Logo

Firenze: Correspondent Andreas Giakoumakatos: Professor in Architecture

Marjut Reivilä

Paris: Correspondent Naya Kostarelou, architect

Great Britain:
London: Correspondent Apostolos Papadimitriou


Marion, Iowa: Steve Oliver. Nepo Productions Music/Video/Media Producer Contributor

We are looking for (U.S.) contributors for production and presentation of television shows  Details >>>


Beijing: Correspondent: Dimitra Theoxari

We are looking for contributors for production and presentation of television shows  Details >>>

Become a contributor

We are looking for contributors for production and presentation of television shows, which will be broadcasted through ArchitectsPlanet. Feel free to contact us in the case you would like for us to film one of your projects and then broadcast it through our online television channel. Also, we would like to inform you that our audiovisual equipment is available for filming of events related to architecture and engineering. There is also the technical option for a live broadcast. Details >>>

Architettura – Architetto

Architecture – Architect

Arquitetura – Arquiteto

Építészet – Építész

Архитектура – архитектор

Αρχιτεκτονική – αρχιτέκτονας

Architectuur – Architect

Arquitetura – Arquiteto

Arquitectura – Arquitecto

Architecture – Architecte

Architektur – Architekt

Arkitektur – Arkitekt

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