From Steam Fitting to Museum Fittings (2 videos)

It’s not unusual for artists to be inspired by architecture. Less common is for an artist to be inspired by the infrastructure of a building. But that’s the case with Dannielle Tegeder, a painter whose work is informed by the intricate system of steam fitting (the mechanical parts of a building, like insulation, piping, heating, and cooling). Coming from a family of steamfitters, Tegeder is fascinated by the infrastructure’s graphic. “I grew up immersed in construction sites and seeing large scale plumbing, and heating systems installed. I have always been interested in that,” she told me recently when we met to talk about her first solo museum show at the Wellin Museum of Art in Clinton, New York. “It ultimately led to my long term fascination with cities – systems upon systems – visible ones, such as subway routes, traffic, streets, pedestrian routes, and also invisible ones such as air waves and cell phone signals.” Full story at  metropolismag >>>

by Metropolis Magazine

by Metropolis Magazine


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