Pojangmacha Porject in Seoul

Documentary of Pojangmacha Porject in Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul. The Pojangmacha Project is not merely an architectural event but has become quite a complex task. This experience has been breaking down any genre distinctions, with the participation of creators of every stripe, such as the culinary arts, studio arts and the various forms of designing. The space has actually functioned as an agora, at which everyone can eat, drink and converse together. Their creative interpretation has brought a lot of participation and good responses from people from various fields who have volunteered.

by Eloquence Magazine

Architecture Director. Tae-ho Kim, Tae-beom Kim
Project Director. Woochi Jeon, Udo Lee
Art Director. Soon-kyu Jang
Food Director. G.O
Project Manager. Seok-hoon Kim
Producer. Jehyuk Lee
One of our projects “Pojangmacha Project” featured in Issue 51 of Eloquence Magazine(eloquence.co.kr) Read more about “Pojangmacha Project”: eloquence.co.kr/index.php/pojangmacha-project

ELOQUENCE는 아트, 푸드, 디자인 등의 다양한 전문가들을 영입하여, 연구물로서 제작된 대안적 포장마차 구조물을 실제로 즐길 수 있는 공간이자 축제의 한 형태로 확장시켰다. 크리에이터들은 건축학적인 컨셉 위에 ‘공간을 재구성’하고, 그 공간에서 실제로 먹고, 마시고, 대화하며 즐길 수 있다.


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