Byzantine Architecture

Constantinople today is still a world metropolis with almost 20 million inhabitants, in the middle ages the city was three times larger than Beijing, and 80 times larger than London and Paris, those two cities only having 10.000 inhabitants at that time

by Romanos Agiopoleos

Istanbul, a popular vulgar Turkish colloquial word to describe the city comes from the Greek phrase “Eis Ton Polin” that is translated as “Let’s Go “To the City”.

iN FACT, Until 1900s at least one third of Constantinople’s population were Greeks, there were almost as much Turks, and many other minorities such as Kurds, Bulgarians and Armenians. It was an advanced, rich and prosperous city untill recently, when Ataturk came to power in Turkey, not only that the Greeks were systematically expelled from their own city witch they have build through pogroms and genocide, but remains of historic monuments you see in this video were demolished to make way for cheap infrastructure of a third word country.

In Greece, Ottoman mosques, and even the house of Ataturk, that was a war criminal, are preserved and safeguarded as historic monuments. And in Greece we don’t demolish historic monuments, even though our income is still three times larger than in Turkey.

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