Wright Interview 9/28/1957

This is from the Mike Wallace Interview 9/28/1957. It is a straight-through clip that starts somewhere in the middle of the interview.

“This thing which we call America, as I have said, goes around the world today. It is chiefly spirit as yet, but that spirit is reality. Not by way of government can we find encouragement of any help. No, we can have nothing by way of official government until the thing is at least ten years in the past. What can government do with an advanced idea? If it is still a controversial idea, and any good idea must be so, can government touch it without its eye on at least the next election? It cannot. I know of nothing more silly than to expect government to solve our advanced problems for us. If we have no ideas, how can government have any? That is a sensible question to ask, and the answer is that government as a majority affair can never have any. So, I see the tragedy of entrusting to government billions to spend on billions. Why should government ever be entrusted to build buildings? Inevitably buildings are for tomorrow. That is the last thing government should be expected or allowed to do because in entrusting building to government, we must go ten or one-hundred years backward instead of ten years ahead into the future. Tragic! But to talk against it is just so much water over the dam. The driver may not know where to go but he is in the driver’s seat.”-FLW

“Our biggest machine became not the corporations of big industry, but incorporated government, and biggest of all, the machinery of education.” -FLW

“Our natures are now so warped in many directions. We are so conditioned by education, we have no longer any straight, true, clean reactions that we can trust; and we have to be pretty wise and careful what it is we give up to, what is is we admire, what it is we’re inspired by…I dare say that all these things may be good so far as they go because they are necessary; but I wouldn’t say that they’re what should be; I wouldn’t say that they’re ideal.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Part 1

Part 2


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