The Chilean Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale (Bernardo Valdés interview – Greek & English)

“CANCHA – Chilean Soilscapes” is curated by Pilar Pinchart and Bernardo Valdés, and organized by the “Architecture Department” of the “Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y de las Artes”.

The exhibition title is interesting in itself: “Cancha”. This is the pre-Hispanic Quechuan term used to refer to an empty space where it is possible to create ties with the land and between people. Then, “Cancha” is the word used to comprehend the Chilean Ground, a common ground, which is not urban but territorial.

The “Cancha” is established over a salt soil, taken straight from the Chilean desert, including three salt rocks that visitors can use to sit on. Floating over this soil, a series of boxes display the seven points of view from seven Chilean architects invited by the curators to think, discuss, and propose material in the context of the global relevance of the Biennale, to “think” Chile from its ground in this critical moment of social change.

The invited architects and their visions are: Pedro Alonso (“Deserta”), Elemental (“Metropolitan Promenade”), Susuka (“Limitless Chile”), Genaro Cuadros (“Playground”), Germán del Sol (“Kancha”), Iván Ivelic (“Travesies of the Amereida”) and Rodrigo Tisi (“Performances of Conquest”).

The videos used to represent the visions of the seventh architects were filmed and directed by “Estudio Palma”.

The installation includes a light sculpture by Chilean artists Pedro Pulido & Iván Navarro.

English Version

video by

Greek Version

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